A little bit of Zionist nostalgia on your desktop?

by Maskil on 3 Aug 2007

I particularly wanted my first posting on this particular blog to be a positive one. Here it is.

Anyone for a little bit of Zionist nostalgia on their desktop? Download and install the JAFI (Jewish Agency for Israel) screen saver on your PC at home (or even at work, if you have that freedom and won’t have to face a lynch-mob). As a Nostalgic Zionist (more of that in later posts), I just love these images of Little Israel before things like Occupation and Resistance came along. The images are a trifle dated, but that’s their appeal. Here’s what JAFI says about it:

Blue and White In Color Brought To You By The Jewish Agency
This specially made screensaver is made up of dozens of great pictures from Israel that will adorn your computer and bring Eretz Yisrael to your workspace!
Just click here to download (zip file) and have your very own Israel exhibit on your computer screen!

You can also download it from this landing page:


If JAFI does decide to eventually produce an updated version, I hope this one remains available indefinitely!

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