Makro Woodmead E-Waste recycling initiative

by Maskil on 31 Jul 2008

The latest promotional e-mail message from Makro made mention of a new E-Waste recycling initiative:
Makro and Fujitsu Siemens Computers have teamed up to make the planet a better place by recycling old electronic equipment! Bring any brand of printers, PCs, monitors, notebooks, photocopiers, calculators and cellphones to the E-Waste recycle bin at Makro Woodmead! Together we can ensure a better planet for future generations.
The initiative is apparently restricted to their Woodmead outlet for now and finishes at the end of December 2008. Perhaps if there’s enough support and pressure from the public, they’ll extend the deadline and expand it to other outlets. The Makro website provides further details:
Are you tired of old electronic equipment taking up your space? And although you’ve sworn that you will get rid of it, you haven’t found an easy and environmentally sensitive way to do it?
Makro and Fujitsu Siemens Computers have teamed up with Desco Electronics Recyclers to make disposal of electronic waste easy. Bring any electronic device of any brand-Printers, PCs, Monitors, Notebooks, Photocopiers, Calculators or cell phones and drop it in our recycle bin and we will make sure that it gets recycled in the most environmentally sensitive and correct way.
Older electronic devices and appliances were made without due consideration for their effect on the environment. When the time comes to dispose of these items, it is critical that this done in a manner that will do the least harm.
If you’re in the North-East of Johannesburg (Sandton, etc.), please support this initiative, or ask your nearest Makro outlet when they plan to offer a similar facility.

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