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by Maskil on 12 Oct 2009

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In June this year, I posted a user specification for what I termed The Ultimate Comment Tracking System or UCTS (a digital stream for the commentosphere). The idea was for a lightweight desktop application (backed up by a Cloud service) to compile, submit and track comments and ensure that they’re merged back into your digital stream.

In the meantime, I’ve been relying on a combination of copy & paste, PhraseExpress and LastPass to save me from having to retype my screen name, e-mail address, URI etc., each time I submit a comment. At the back-end (and despite its shortcomings),

I still rely mostly on coComment as the repository for my comments. (I use the coComment bookmarklet rather than the Firefox extension, due to its huge appetite for RAM.)

I’ve now come across the easyComment Firefox Extension, which does an excellent job of submitting your profile details (name, e-mail address and Home Page) each time you can’t resist chipping into a discussion. It also has a “Your Comment” field, which appears to be more useful for maintaining a standard signature for blog comments, rather than the actual comments.

Hat-tip to Harsh Agrawal on Shoutmeloud for featuring easyComment. It’s already saved me innumerable keystrokes. While it doesn’t meet all the requirements I outlined for The Ultimate Comment Tracking System, it’s a big step in the right direction.

On that subject, I’d like to suggest an enhancement to the way in which easyComment operates.  Submitting a comment should become a two step operation, as follows:

  1. When you click on easyComment in the Status Bar, it should bring up the easyComment window, allowing you to edit your Name, E-mail address and Home Page (if necessary) and compose (or paste) your comment and signature into the Your Comment field.
  2. Clicking on a (new) OK or Submit button should then submit your user details and comment to the Blog or Website.

You can download easyComment from the Mozilla Add-ons for Firefox site.

Maskil’s Comment Profiles

(Unlike the other 3rd-party comment systems, JS-Kit doesn’t appear to provide a comment stream or repository.)


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