“Search for Israel” Google toolbar

by Maskil on Aug 14, 2007

If your browser window is not already too crowded with add-on toolbars (and hey, maybe even if it is), here’s one you might want to consider.

Please download and install it (versions are available for both IE and Firefox), thereby helping the JNF to replant the forests devastated during the 2006 war. I can’t say it any better than they can:

I just downloaded the new “Search for Israel” Google toolbar. It keeps me connected with Israel as I browse the web, by providing the latest in news, travel, streaming audio, and more.

For every downloaded toolbar, HAS Advantage and the JNF plant a tree in forests devastated by this summer’s war. In addition, for every 180 searches they will plant an additional tree. To view how many trees they already planted from people just using the toolbar click here: http://www.hasadvantage.com/searchforisrael/

To get your FREE Toolbar and Plant a FREE Tree click here: http://www.hasadvantage.com/searchforisrael/

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