A dose of common sense from JINSA

by Maskil on 4 Aug 2007

A dose of common sense from The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) website:

Saudi Arabia claims to want to attend the “peace conference” being arranged by Secretary Rice for the Middle East…

Saudi Prince Faisal said the conference had to address “substantive issues,” which he says, are “justice for the Palestinians” and “dismantling Jewish settlements.” The Prince is in synch with Dr. Rice, who said there is a “deepening of the dialogue…that will lead ultimately to the founding of a Palestinian state.” Likewise in synch is the Israeli government. Ha’aretz reports that the Israeli Cabinet is looking for principles to take to the conference; The Washington Times says it will be, “borders, the status of Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinian refugees who left…during the 1948 war.”

Are we the only ones who think this conference should address the failure of the Arab states to recognize the legitimacy of the State of Israel? President Bush has in fact said the Arab states have to drop the “fiction” that Israel does not exist. This is, in our view, the perfect time for the Government of Israel to insist that the Arab states demonstrate acceptance of UN Resolution 242, drop their states of war against Israel and accept the “legitimacy and territorial integrity of all the states in the region.” If it doesn’t, who will?

I agree with JINSA. I also believe that recognition by the Arab states of the legitimacy of the State of Israel should be a pre-condition for the peace conference even to take place with Israeli participation. Instead of which, it will more than likely be one of the scraps to be tossed to Israel in return for what will no doubt be massive concessions to the Arab cause.

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