AJL’s The Special Green Issue

by Maskil on 14 Aug 2007

Hat tip to Richard H. Schwartz (inter alia, President of Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA) and Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (SERV)) for posting this important and comprehensive article to the KOL-CHAI mailing list (The COEJL list for Jewish environmental action and discussion).

The Special Green Issue was also highlighted in the JTA Daily Briefing for Aug. 13, 2007. Said JTA:

AJL’s first Green Issue includes an apocalyptic look at the effect of climate change on Israel and an award for Green CEO to a Jewish coffee magnate. (American Jewish Life)

From the article:

Hot summers are just the beginning. Israel is on the verge of agricultural devastation and increased flooding among any number of global warming related disasters. Welcome to a whole new Holy Land.

Israel has a lot to worry about. Nuclear threats from Iran, a seemingly intractable stalemate with the Palestinians, the resurgence of global anti-Semitism — not to mention a prime minister with an approval rating, as of this writing, of an astonishingly abysmal 2%. But according to a small but growing consensus of scientists and environmentalists, there’s another looming crisis to add to the list: climate change.

That’s right. The “inconvenient truth” may be more than just inconvenient for Israel. According to the Israeli government’s report to the UN Convention on Climate Change, the potential effects of global climate change on Israel include a 4-8% drop in precipitation, a shortened rainy season, and increased severity of “extreme climate events.” That’s bad news, obviously, for a country perched on the edge of a desert, and with water scarcity already a serious environmental – and political – issue.


American Jewish Life Magazine – The Special Green Issue:

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