Although scholarship alone won’t win the war…

by Maskil on 21 Aug 2007

While good scholarship alone won’t be enough to deter Iran from its genocidal course, it’s good to know that at least the work is being done. This impressive paper deals sensibly and factually with the tepid response to what is possibly the single greatest threat Israel has faced since its establishment.

Iran has in recent years continued flouting international law with impunity. Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s repeated urging that Israel be wiped off the map violates both Article 2(4) of the UN Charter and the Genocide Convention’s prohibition of direct and public incitement to commit genocide. Yet no sanctions have been imposed.

Please download the full article .PDF and forward it to your “e-brigade”.

SSRN-Emboldened By Impunity: The History and Consequences of Failure to Enforce Iranian Violations of International Law by Orde Kittrie

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