Distribute the Reform Judaism Magazine at synagogues?

by Maskil on 6 Aug 2007

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I posted this comment on the SAUPJ website.  Personally, I think it’s a great idea, but we’ll have to see…

I would like to suggest that the Reform Judaism Magazine be distributed at Reform synagogues affiliated to the SAUPJ. I don’t think the magazine is available or well known in SA, although it is apparently “World’s largest circulated Jewish magazine”.

My feeling is that Reform communities/members could greatly benefit from the magazine by getting a Reform perspective on issues (as opposed to our usual diet of The Jewish Report), put us in touch with trends in Reform elsewhere in the world, etc.

I thought it would both add value to Progressive Synagogue membership in SA, as well as adding value to the Reform Judaism Magazine by increasing its circulation.  In South Africa (as in Israel) we tend to forget that Reform Judaism is the largest Jewish religious denomination worldwide.  Regular reading of the Reform Judaism Magazine might help us to recover some of that perspective.

Here’s the blurb from the “About us” page:

1st Place Award Winner for Excellence in Jewish Journalism and a Benefit of Membership in a Union Congregation


REFORM JUDAISM is the official voice of the Union for Reform Judaism, linking the institutions and affiliates of Reform Judaism with every Reform Jew. Received quarterly by 310,000 member households (members of more than 900+ Union congregations) as a benefit of their synagogue’s Union affiliation, RJ strives to convey the creativity, diversity, and dynamism of Reform Judaism. RJ covers developments within our movement while interpreting world events and Jewish tradition from a Reform perspective.

An American Jewish Press Association first-place Simon Rockower Award winner for excellence in feature writing, Reform Judaism’s feature stories are controversial, probing problems, exploring solutions, teaching, and inspiring. A special “Focus On” educational section presents multiple perspectives on a specific theme—Jewish ritual, history, beliefs, and issues—to stimulate further reading, study, and discussion. Subjects covered include: Jewish history, ethics, the Holocaust, Israel and Zionism, Jewish movements, family, texts, holidays, theology, and more. Our lifestyle columns showcase contentious opinions and model programs and services which enhance Jewish life.

Reform Judaism Magazine

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