Expanded role for the Israeli Navy?

by Maskil on 27 Aug 2007

According to this article on the Omedia website,

The Israeli navy also wants two new American LCS (Littoral Combat Ships) warships, only launched in 2006, costing hundreds of millions of dollars each. The new warships which carry two helicopters, special forces and vehicles, and large numbers of troops, can operate in shallow waters for coastal battles and in deeper waters. If supplied to Israel, the ships will be fitted with Barak anti-missile weapons systems.

I don’t know exactly why they need them, but hey, I approve. Israel faces threats on every front, including those over the horizon, and the (too-long neglected) Israeli Navy needs to play a greater role in countering these threats and protecting Israel’s interests.

Omedia : The Security Agenda- IDF Discussing Buying New Planes and War Ships

(The link above referenced an article on the now sadly defunct Omedia website.)

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