New job for the Israeli PM?

by Maskil on 7 Aug 2007

The headlines read:

PM: Israel, PA to expand talks on establishing Palestinian state as soon as possible

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at a meeting in the West Bank on Monday he would push for the establishment of a Palestinian state as “fast as possible.”

I have to say that I find it hard to understand why the Israeli Prime Minister considers it his job to push for the establishment of a Palestinian state as soon as possible.  Surely we should be hearing this from Abbas, not from Olmert?  I (and many others) have grave doubts as to whether the Palestinians even WANT their own state in Palestine west of the Jordan;  it has frequently been pointed out how many opportunities to establish a state have been missed, from 1937 all the way through to 2000.

Assuming he still considers himself to be the Israeli Prime Minister (and not some roving peace ambassador), perhaps he should even be tossing around ideas like disbanding the PA altogether as a failed experiment, or otherwise doing whatever it takes to protect Israeli lives and interests.

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