Red-Dead Canal or Med-Dead Canal?

by Maskil on 13 Aug 2007

The World Bank public hearings into the “Terms of Reference for the Feasibility Study of the “Red Dead Canal” in Jordan, Israel and Palestine” were to have taken place over the period August 8, 9, 12, 2007.

I’m still trying to wade through the relevant documentation (much of it referenced here), but my own view is that, if there’s to be a canal (or aqueduct), it should run from the Med (not the Red). It should begin in the vicinity of Acco/Haifa due East to Lake Kinneret, entirely through Israeli territory and via the shortest route. The water should be desalinated at the intake, using the difference in heights to generate the necessary power hydro-electrically.

The desalinated water should hopefully alter the character of the river system only for the better, and the increased inflow would help to rehabilitate both the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, as well as keeping Lake Kinneret “topped up” and perhaps even contribute to drawings for the National Water Carrier. The advantage of having the aqueduct running entirely through Israeli territory is that the project could never be held hostage by Israel’s neighbours in the event of the political climate changing.

I have started making notes for a longer piece to deal with my proposal in more depth.

August 8, 9, 12, 2007 – Red Dead Canal / World Bank Public Hearings

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