Reform Slams Knesset Plan for JNF Land

by Maskil on 3 Aug 2007

This issue has received extensive coverage, including this article in the Forward.

Although I’m a Reform Jew, i.e. a member of a Reform congregation, I can’t say that agree with the official stance of the Reform Movement regarding this legislation.

As far as I’m aware, the JNF is not “a quasi-governmental body”, as stated in the article, but rather an organisation charged by the Jewish people to purchase land in Palestine (in the geographical sense) to be held in trust for the entire Jewish people, present and future. Not just for those who currently live in Israel, and also not for all the citizens of Israel. (I’m not an expert on the JNF although, as a Green Zionist I am a long-time admirer of that body, or at least what it stands for.)

The JNF is not an arm of the Israeli government. If the State of Israel needs to find land for its Arab citizens, presumably it should be able to do so without encroaching on the 13% (according to the article) of Israeli lands held by the JNF.

This is not racism, this is a family trust.

“Reform Slams Knesset Plan for JNF Land –”

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