Revenge of the Left?

by Maskil on 14 Aug 2007

The extract below is from an article reproduced in a recent edition of the IMRA Daily Digest

Uri Elitzur – from column in Yediot Ahronot titled Duchafit as an Omen 10 August 2007

In these two years the impression strengthens that the State of Israel plucked, expelled and destroyed flowering communities, set to fire synagogues and study halls and removed the dead for their graves mostly for one purpose: revenge of the Left against the settlers. In moments of candor, some of the spokespeople of the Left and leading opinion makers openly admit it. Others cover it over with high words about the rule of law and the holiness of democracy, but the truth comes out from between the lines of their words then and now. This is a holy war, a secular jihad, against religious Zionism.

The secular left elite has brought to bear all the tools in its possession in the service of this holy war – the power of the media, its almost complete control of the justice system, their tremendous influence in the academic world – while it is willing to forego all of its other principles for the sake of the jihad against the settlers – among them the rule of law, the war against corruption, human rights, and democratic fairness.

Disparaging the “secular left” seems to have become almost an article of faith amongst certain sectors in Israel. Those tempted to join in the commie/pinko/liberal-bashing fest should remind themselves that we – the entire Jewish People – owe this antiquated secular leftist ideology our eternal gratitude for having given us our greatest national treasure, the State of Israel.

They managed to do this while at the same time clinging to a whole bunch of quaint beliefs about human nature, just societies, labour and property and whether the end justified the means. They also did this at a time when religious Zionism to all intents and purposes did not exist; when the religious sector was almost universally opposed to or indifferent to Zionism.

It is almost impossible to imagine Jewish life in the world without the State of Israel. Within living memory, Jewish life across an entire continent all but ceased to exist for the lack of that same Israel. The settler enterprise may or may not have inherited the mantle of Zionism from the secular left, but there would be no shops in Hebron to divide the nation over without that precious gift of Israel.

IMRA – Saturday, August 11, 2007 Uri Elitzur: The Secular Left Engaged In Holy War against Religious Zionists

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