Rudolf Kastner a hero?

by Maskil on 17 Aug 2007

Another excellent piece from Caroline Glick in THE JERUSALEM POST, dealing with the long overdue recognition given to the The Bergson Group for their efforts to rescue European Jewry during the Holocaust. She also deals with the touchy issue of the activities of Rudolf Kastner during the same period:

MORE IRKSOME than the abiding hostility toward Bergson is Yad Vashem’s decision last month to hold a ceremony where it accepted the personal archive of Rudolf Kastner and extolled as a “hero” the man who served during the war as the deputy head of the Labor Zionist-affiliated Relief and Rescue Committee of Hungarian Jews.

Kastner may have been many things, but he certainly was not a hero.

For those who still believe Kastner to be a hero, Ben Hecht’s Perfidy still makes a gripping (and shocking) read. You can get it on Amazon here:


Our World: History’s unsettling verdicts | Jerusalem Post

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