Storm in a fruit bowl (Cont.)

by Maskil on 30 Aug 2007

I posted an entry regarding this issue earlier in the month, which you can find here:

Altneuland: Storm in a fruit bowl?

I can’t say whether the farmers’ refusal to pay these levies is justified or not (my guess would be that it is). From my lifelong interest in things agricultural, however, I do know that farmers (“producers”) have enough to contend with, without having to battle their own agricultural ministry.

An export deal agreed upon by a Russian businessman and plum growers from Yesod Hamala could not go ahead last week due to Agriculture Ministry refusal to grant export license.

Forty tons of plums and nectarines scheduled for export to Russia were held up in Israel, as the Agriculture Ministry refused to approve the export license as long as the farmers involved have not paid their fees & levies to the Plant Board.

The growers were protesting last week the high fees levied on them for what they consider minimal return.

If the exports are not approved within the next few days, the export deal will be cancelled and the fruits will be sold on the local market and prices should drop.

Agriculture Ministry refuses to approve plum export to Russia

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