To obey or not to obey?

by Maskil on 7 Aug 2007

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Do I have anything new or useful to say about this issue? As someone living in the (relative) safety and comfort of the Diaspora, probably not. (I say relative because Johannesburg is not all that safe.) I will therefore confine myself to these observations:

  • Israel cannot survive in the Middle East without a strong, motivated IDF.
  • No defence force, particularly one called upon to face as many threats as does the IDF can tolerate anything like this level of refusal, insubordination and outright mutiny.
  • Those encouraging and fomenting this behaviour should face even harsher penalties than those exhibiting it, because they are abusing the trust placed in them.
  • Anyone choosing to live in an area not formally or legally part of the territory of the State of Israel must be prepared to face the consequences of such a choice. I’m not commenting on whether Jews have a right to live in the disputed territories or not.
  • The IDF cannot tolerate a situation where the views of “religious commissars” from the Hesder and other structures carry a veto over the chain of command. With regret, these units need to toe the line or vanish in their present form.

The issue of whether the IDF or the police should handle these evacuations is beside the point; following legal orders is the issue.

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