Where is the Israeli equivalent?

by Maskil on 14 Aug 2007

From the article:

Iran has begun industrial-scale production of its first domestically manufactured fighter jet, state-run television reported Monday, part of Teheran’s efforts to become militarily self-sufficient.

The plane was first tested in 2006 and was derived from the reverse engineered components of US combat aircraft.

According to previous reports, the Azarakhsh, or Lightning, was designed for close air support.

No, I don’t think Iran is much of an example to follow in any respect, and I realise that Israel has an arms industry that is probably the envy of many countries. I would, however, like to see Israel become just a little bit more independent when it comes to arms and munitions production. Recall these incidents?

  • Henry Kissinger delays delivery of vital munitions to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War
  • The role of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger in the demise of the Lavi project
  • Emergency airlifts of munitions to Israel during the First Hezbollah War in 2006

Israel’s interests are not always 100% aligned with those of even its closest allies, and at times it needs the ability to pursue a somewhat independent course of action (or prosecute a war to its logical conclusion). At those times, it would really be useful to have a greater degree of autarchy with regard to core armaments. I would like to hear compelling reasons why Israel can’t achieve this, perhaps with the single exception of its first-line strike aircraft.

Iran begins producing 1st fighter jet Jerusalem Post

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