Needed: A chillier reception for Ahmadinejad in NY

by Maskil on 21 Sep 2007

Iran under Ahmadinejad is regarded by some as the most serious threat to Israel’s existence since it was established, and the most serious threat to the Jewish people as a whole since the Holocaust.

I’m therefore concerned at the somewhat muted response to the proposed visit by the Iranian tyrant to New York, where he will be allowed to address the UN General Assembly (although his lunatic request to visit Ground Zero has apparently been declined).

New York, with the largest concentration of Jews outside of Israel, remains the de facto capital of the Diaspora. So, while I can understand that “The World” will not unite to prevent this totally unseemly visit from taking place, I am less able to understand why organised Jewry in the US and elsewhere doesn’t seem to have a lot more to say about the issue. I’m pretty sure the message of the silent acquiescence has also not been lost on this modern-day Haman.

I would therefore like to suggest that the following would be a more appropriate response to the visit on the part of Israel and the organised US Jewish community (including the supposedly all-powerful Israel lobby):

  • Israel should formally protest Ahmadinejad’s speaking engagement at the UN General Assembly, and call instead for Iran’s suspension from the UN for threatening the existence of another UN member state. I realise there’s not much chance of the protests being effective, but they do need to be placed on record, and that kind of thing needs to be seen as the nitty-gritty of the job of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
  • The US Jewish community and its friends and allies should call on all levels of government (local, county, state, Federal) to arrest Ahmadinejad should he enter any of the affected authorities. This could be on any one of a number of charges, including Holocaust denial, incitement to genocide or terrorism, based in any jurisdiction with the appropriate standing.
  • Lastly, those with a more activist approach should stage demonstrations and protests in the vicinity of the UN, the Iranian embassy, Columbia University and other affected venues, to highlight the inappropriateness of the visit and the overall lack of response to this existential threat to Israel and the Jewish people.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice!

Ahmadinejad at the U.N. The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

Ahmadinejad In New York – September 20, 2007 – The New York Sun

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