Plaxo fails to impress

by Maskil on 12 Sep 2007

Anyone else not too impressed with the “new look” Plaxo? I signed up for Plaxo Premium eCards (at about USD20.00 per annum) because I really like the idea of being able to send an electronic greeting card straight to the family member or friend’s Inbox (rather than having him/her first logon to some website). Last week, I attempted to use the facility to send out Rosh Hashanah cards to family & friends, members of my congregation and others in my network. I encountered the following problems:

  • Perceived response times were, generally speaking, slower than one would expect with an ADSL line.
  • Although I was using a copy of my Outlook contacts on Plaxo, it simply never completed the operation to send the same greeting card to multiple addressees. I even used the age-old technique of going to the kitchen and making a cup of tea, but the hourglass still awaited me. I cancelled and retried several times without success. I eventually managed to get the job done by selecting only five entries at a time.
  • Although I selected the default option to receive a copy of the e-card, it never arrived, nor was it sitting in my Spam folder on Gmail. It would have been nice to get some form of confirmation indicating which cards were delivered and which not.

All in all, this is what one would expect from a free service, not from a paid, premium service, and is certainly not going to entice me to join Plaxo Premium at USD50,00 per annum!

By the way, what about a facility to manage cards already awaiting delivery?


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