Alternative SAJR (19 October 2007)

by Maskil on 26 Oct 2007

P2 We’re partners with Hashem in creation

Adam and Chaya? Say “Adam and Eve” and almost the entire English-speaking world will know who and what you’re referring to. Talk about “Adam and Chaya” and you’ve lost everyone except those somewhat familiar with Hebrew. Is it really necessary to be politically correct when using the English equivalent of well-known Biblical Hebrew names? To me, this is just in-speak, meant to exclude rather than to communicate, and doesn’t belong in the country’s only remaining Jewish newspaper.

On the same page, “Women’s rights and Jewish law” tells us in glowing terms how:

CONTRARY TO popular belief, Rabbi David Masinter, heading Chabad in Johannesburg, told his audience at the Pine Street Shul on Succot Chol Hamoed that Jewish courts of law protected women’s rights far more than would appear at a glance.

Rabbi Masinter cited the law of marriage as an example and explained how at times the court of Jewish law could even enforce an abusive husband to give his wife a divorce – whether it was physical, emotional or financial abuse.

I’m sure this knowledge of how “Jewish courts of law protected women’s rights” must be a source of great comfort and relief to the estimated thousands of Agunot and Mesurevet get (victims of get refusal) worldwide!

P5 Kerzner brings upmarket One&Only to SA

The article mentions Kerzner International group’s “One&Only Resorts and Atlantis brands of hotels, lead a $3,6 billion (R25 billion) portfolio of five-star properties stretching from the United States, the Caribbean and Central America to Dubai, Mauritius and the Maldives.”

I’d always understood tycoon Sol Kerzner to be a proud (if somewhat uninvolved) Jew, and I wonder if he’s aware of Dubai’s role in the economic war against the State of Israel? See my earlier blog piece for the relevant links:

South African Jewish Newspaper – Jewish Community News

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