I wonder whether they’ve told their call centre this time.

by Maskil on 15 Oct 2007

Some time back, the JPOST website ran a campaign offering free trial subscriptions to the various paper editions of JP publications. As I was interested in checking out the Jerusalem Report, I completed the online coupon. I duly received a phone call from the JP call centre. A lady with an absolutely captivating Israeli accent had been given my details, but knew nothing whatsoever about the offer on their website. She undertook to refer the matter to her manager/supervisor and get back to me. This was the last I ever heard on the matter.

A similar campaign is currently being run on the JPOST website (see links below). The banner ad reads “For a free issue, with no commitments, click here. The Jerusalem Post”. I wonder whether this time their call centre has been briefed regarding the campaign, and is able to handle the coupons correctly. As a Lover of Zion, I’m quite prepared to try again, but many might not be that persistent…



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