King Solomon’s Mines. No, really…

by Maskil on 16 Oct 2007

Here’s an interesting grassroots Israeli initiative to prevent a hotel complex from being built in the environmentally sensitive Timna Valley (about 30 km north of Eilat). Some navigation and content is in English.

The various related presentations can be viewed here:

To_Segol eSnips Folder

The cause has apparently not yet been adopted by the mainstream Israeli green organisations. (In all fairness, I think their hands are pretty full these days.)

Thanks to the JPOST website for highlighting the issues in this recent article:

The URL given in the JPOST article was incorrect. The correct URL is as above.

The site includes a guestbook. I made several attempts to sign the guestbook; unsuccessfully, or so I thought. Although the system appeared to have rejected my entry with a “Please post a message” error routine, I did subsequently receive an acknowledgement with a subscription request.

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