Pimp my Blog: Blog directories, etc.

by Maskil on 27 Oct 2007

Blogarama – The Blog Directory

My first entry in what is intended to be an open-ended/ongoing post. I’m tackling this one first, because it was such a pleasant experience compared with some of my other encounters! I completed the (very basic) online form, pasted the little code snippet into my Blog (all references to My Blog are to Altneuland). The image displayed correctly on Preview. The next day, I received an e-mail message confirming that I had been added (Congratulations! Your site has been added to our directory…)

I notice that they do have a choice of Button Images to play around with when I’m bored. 🙂

Link To Us – Blogarama

My rating? 10/10. Just based on my very limited experience, this is the way these services should work!

After completing the “Submit Blog” form, the following error message was displayed:


Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

I’m now uncertain as to whether the submission was successful or not.

If you’re providing a service (even if it’s a free service), ensure that at least the basics work.

My rating? 1/10.

Note to self: Delete the reciprocal link if no feedback is received.

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