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by Maskil on 27 Oct 2007

Another dead end out there in the J-Blogosphere? This j-blog aggregator’s FAQ page tells me the following:

How do I add a blog? Send us a message via our contact form with your blog homepage and RSS/ATOM feed. We’ll do the rest.

I duly submitted the following note via the contact form:

Please add my blog to your site

My details are as follows:



Advocating a secure & just Israel…


Many thanks.

It seemed pretty innocuous to me, but instead of a confirmation, I got back the following scary error message:

Possible malicious code detected. No HTML, URIs, or anchor tags are allowed in message.

Yes, but that’s what you told me to do…

I eventually eliminated everything right down to the protocol stuff (http://), and finally received this message:

Contact Page

Thanks for your comments!

Holding thumbs, but I’m guessing the site is no longer being maintained.

My rating? 2/10. Let’s see what happens…


Post updated to delete the gratuitous link to JBlogSphere [.] com.

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