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by Maskil on 29 Oct 2007


The last time I attempted to add myself to this blog aggregator, the form generated a whole host of errors. I tried several times over a period of days, but with the same result, and eventually gave up until now. According to the site itself:

JRants.com is the original and largest aggregator of Jewish and Israeli blogs on the Internet. JRants.com is the premier source for the latest Jewish and Israeli news from blogs all around the world.

I’m happy to say that my attempt appears to have been successful this time, as I received the following confirmation/status message:

Successfully added Altneuland

Your source will be activated as soon as I check the information and check the feed. If you would kindly add a link to JRants.com on your site, I would really appreciate it!


Fear not! I actually get paged when my site needs me to update or approve something!

The reciprocal linking process is less sophisticated that some I have come across. Again, according to the site:

I’m happy to add your blog to the site and publicize your headlines. Please put a link to JRants.com on your blog.

Feel free to use this image:

To comply, I need to add both a Link (I don’t currently have a “Blogroll” or links page), and the JRants.com image. Most aggregators deal with this issue by making available a snippet of HTML code. Adding this one snippet provides both the link and the image.

Anyway, that’s one more arrow in the quiver…

My rating? 8/10. I will update once Altneuland has been accepted.

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