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by Maskil on 27 Oct 2007

Israelated – English Israel blogs | Israel Related – An English blogging community on Israel and Israeli culture

If I recall correctly, this was the first Blog Aggregator (is that the correct term?) I added Altneuland to. Although I wasn’t too sure about some of the input being requested, it worked. My subsequent attempts to add myself to the rest of the J-Blogosphere were a lot less successful; I hope to take up that quest again shortly.

In checking back on the site, I noticed that none of my posts since early September 2007 were reflected. It seems that converting to FeedBurner broke my feed to Israelated, although I understood that that wasn’t supposed to happen. I updated the feed details and my later posts are now reflected. Pity about that; my modest “counter” of 229 reads (across all postings) might have been considerably higher.

I also subscribed to the “Feed for comments on this post”, but it looks as if it will only give me comments for Altneuland as a whole, not for the individual postings.

Overall, being on Israelated has been good for me. I’m listed here:

My rating? 9/10. My only criticism is the slightly confusing interface.

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