by Maskil on 25 Oct 2007

Is there anything else one can add?

As a person and a leader, Rabin, like others of that generation and the one before it, was very nearly irreplaceable. Nobody else, as it turns out, could be as magnanimous in victory. Nobody else, at the same time, could command the international prestige to face down the terrorists and rally world opinion to Israel’s cause in time of need. Will Israel ever have another politician who would voluntarily resign because his wife had a three thousand dollar bank account? Will any army ever have a chief of staff who could ready an army for an operation like the Six Day War? Comparisons are invidious, but consider Rabin as Prime Minister versus the present incumbent. Consider Rabin as Chief of Staff versus the hapless Dan Halutz. Consider Rabin as defense minister versus Amir Peretz.

The “Oslo disaster” need not have happened with different leadership. The planning and conception presumed that Rabin would always be there to fix what was wrong in adversity. But in the event, he was not there. Yigal Amir took him from us. Even before the unraveling of the peace process, we understood then that Israel would never be the same. We hoped however, that some great moral lesson would be learned, a lesson that would make possible a great national renewal in Israel.

Rabin: Legacy, Apathy and Zionism- Zionism-Israel Web Log

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