World Solidarity Day for the Release of the Kidnapped Soldiers

by Maskil on 29 Oct 2007

Tomorrow (30 October 2007/18 Heshvan 5768) is being commemorated as a world solidarity day for the kidnapped Israeli Soldiers. No matter what your views on the policies (or lack thereof) of the Israeli government (or your views on Zionism, for that matter), every Jew with the most basic level of commitment or involvement should do something to show solidarity for the soldiers, and for their families and friends. The website (in six languages) includes a Calendar of Events for cities worldwide, as well as links to related sites and an online petition.

While the campaign appears to be driven by and aimed at Jewish students worldwide, there’s no reason why the rest of us can’t also chip in.

Here in ZA, SAUJS also advocates reciting Tehillim (Psalms) and a prayer.

I was actually hoping to find some sort of banner or widget to include on my blog, but I haven’t come across anything as yet. If anyone is aware of anything along these lines, please drop me a note using Comments.


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