More on Judaising your Desktop (Part 3)

by Maskil on 19 Nov 2007

In some of my very early posts (see below), I made a couple of suggestions for “Judaising” components of your PC desktop, by making use of JAFI’s wonderfully retro screensaver, and/or by installing the HAS Advantage/JNF Search for Israel Google toolbar.

Altneuland: A little bit of Zionist nostalgia on your desktop?

Altneuland: “Search for Israel” Google toolbar

If you’d prefer some superb Israeli landscape photography as your screensaver, how about some of Shai Ginott’s stunning images of (mainly) JNF forests? Here are the basic steps to make this change:

  • Navigate over to Shai Ginott’s website.
  • Click on the Gallery tab
  • Scroll down to the Spring in the air, 2005 slideshow and click on the Hebrew text.
  • (Alternatively, you can go direct to the link for the Spring in the air, 2005 slideshow)
  • Save the presentation to your default file download location on your HDD
  • Open Microsoft (Office) PowerPoint (or your preferred open source alternative)
  • Open the slideshow (the default filename is spring.pps)
  • Select File, Save As. Instead of saving using the default Presentation (.PPT) file type, select your preferred image file type (e.g. JPEG, *.jpg).
  • Select the option to “export every slide”.
  • Each slide will be saved as an individual picture file in a folder entitled “spring”.
  • Configure either the My Pictures Slideshow screensaver (XP) or Google Photos Screensaver (all supported operating system versions) to display the images from Spring in the air, either in addition to or instead of your existing photo feed. (Google Photos Screensaver is part of the indispensable Google Pack).

If you’re interested in purchasing any of Shai Ginott’s other work, there appears to be a problem when adding something to the shopping cart on her website. The following error message is generated and the item does not appear in the cart.

Cannot create locset.db D:\web\sites\starwebz_sites\shaiginott\cgi-bin\locset.db Permission denied

I did advise her of this some time back and received an acknowledgement, but the error persists.


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