Sviva Israel: Innovative Jewish social environmental organization

by Maskil on 7 Nov 2007

THE JERUSALEM POST recently carried an article (Reduce, reuse, recycle) by Carmi Wisemon, executive director of Yedidei HaSviva – Sviva Israel, an Israel-based social-environmental organization.

The organization appears to be fairly new; it certainly hasn’t come up on my radar before. According to their refreshing new website:

Yedidei Hasviva – Sviva Israel is an innovative Jewish social environmental organization based in Jerusalem.

Combining the study of traditional Jewish texts with hands-on service learning, and community activism we encourage Israelis to take active responsibility for their environment, fostering a sense of concern for others by creating a humane and caring community based on traditional Jewish environmental ethics and the modern principles of sustainable development.

Yedidei HaSviva – Sviva Israel was founded by a concerned group of Israeli and Anglo Saxon educators, health professionals, business people and professionals, who want Israel’s children to be brought up in clean, hygienic and orderly communities and to enable those living in urban communities to experience the pleasure, tranquility and wonder of the natural world.

We believe that by creating a global Jewish partnership with communities who are already proficient in these areas, Israelis will be better able to learn these necessary skills.

I’m not sure why those involved felt it necessary to start a new organization, rather than throwing their weight behind existing conservation bodies; presumably those on the spot know best. The commitment to “creating a global Jewish partnership with communities who are already proficient in these areas” is certainly a very welcome trend.

Sviva Israel, Innovative Jewish social environmental organization

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