World Solidarity Day for the Kidnapped Soldiers (2)

by Maskil on 1 Nov 2007

In a previous posting regarding “World Solidarity Day for the Release of the Kidnapped Soldiers“, I wrote that:

I was actually hoping to find some sort of banner or widget to include on my blog, but I haven’t come across anything as yet. If anyone is aware of anything along these lines, please drop me a note using Comments.

While I didn’t have any feedback, I managed to find what I was looking for, courtesy of our friends at GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support). It’s featured prominently on the right of this blog page.

My only gripe is that it doesn’t feature all 8 MIAs (missing but presumed alive) rather than solely the 3 kidnapped soldiers. Perhaps GIYUS will make an updated one available once this particular campaign is over?

If you’re a blog or website owner, you can get the badge here to add to your site:

With all the dubious causes to which Jewish communal funds sometimes find their way, it saddened me to see on official MIA website that “The International Coalition for MIS has closed down due to lack of funds, and the website has not been updated since July 2005.”

ICMIS Home Page: The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers

(BTW, the site mentions six cases officially listed as “soldiers missing but presumed to be alive” (presumably as at July 2005), but gives the details of only five. Is there in fact a sixth, bringing the total to nine, not eight?)


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