New feature suggestion: New Blogger Page Element: Button Gallery

by Maskil on 5 Dec 2007

Now that’s interesting!

It seems as if I was just bothering Google/Blogger for nothing with my request for somewhere to house my badge “collection”. Picking up the suggestion from Chuck at The Real Blogger Status, I entered multiple badge code snippets in a single HTML/JavaScript Page Element. It works! The badges are displayed correctly, and Blogger even did its best to display them in two columns! You can see the result here for now.

This will save a bunch of space in my Edit Layout view, and make the whole badge/link management thing less of a chore.

It’s going to mean another major cleanup exercise to put all this stuff in a couple of boxes, but should be worth the effort.

I wonder whether it’s possible to embed comments in the Page Element, and if so, what one would use to REM them out? The idea here is to make it easy for me to alphabetise the badges/links.

OK, I found the answer to that in lots of places, including here:

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How do I comment an HTML document?

Place <!– at the beginning of EACH line commented out; close this for EACH line with –> . Note that comments do not nest, and the sequence “–” may not appear inside a comment except as part of the closing –> tag.

You should not try to use this to “comment out” HTML that would otherwise be shown to the user, since some browsers (notably Mosaic) will still pay attention to tags inside the comment and close it prematurely.

World Wide Web FAQ

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New feature suggestion: New Blogger Page Element: Button Gallery – Customizing Templates | Google Groups

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