Judaising your Desktop (5): KKL-JNF Calendar of Concepts and Events

by Maskil on 21 Mar 2008

The KKL-JNF in Israel published its novel “KKL-JNF Calendar of Concepts and Events” (created by Izi Mann) in September 2006 for the year 5767 (2006-2007). The calendar was announced as follows at the time:

It is with great pleasure that we hereby present our computerized Calendar of Concepts and Events relating to Zionism, Jewish history, Israel and the environment for the year 5767(2006-2007) in Hebrew and English.

The concepts and events calendar file can be integrated into your Outlook and to most electronic calendars on the market. Installation is straightforward, absolutely secure and will not harm other data or functions which you are using.

You can view the e-mail message announcing the electronic calendar file here:

Altneuland eSnips Folder

Here’s a random sample of an entry from the electronic calendar file:

Tue 2007/07/24


Kofer Hayeshuv

In the wake of the Arab riots in Palestine, the National Committee founded Kofer Hayeshuv. Its purpose was to finance the massive expenses required to defend Jewish localities and organize activities of the pre-state Jewish army, the Haganah, during the 1936–1939 Great Arab Uprising. Money was collected through donations and taxes levied – inter alia – on travel in public transport and on places of entertainment. The funds were used to build fences, pave safe routes, train settlement groups, etc.

A kind of “This day in Jewish history”, but limited to the Zionist era, and integrated with your Outlook calendar.

The instructions for downloading and importing the iCalendar file (for 5767 only) are contained in the e-mail message on eSnips and are repeated below for easy reference:

1. Save the file to your hard disc or on your desktop:

Hebrew file: ftp://kkl.org.il/kkl/Site_links/hebrew.ics

English file: ftp://kkl.org.il/kkl/Site_links/english.ics

2. In Outlook, select “file” from the main menu and click on “Import and Export”.

3. In the drop-down list, select “Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file (.vcs)” and click on “Next”.

4. Browse to the folder in which you saved the calendar file, select the file and click “OK”.

The computer will take a few seconds to load the information into your calendar

After the installation, the heading of each event will be shown in your calendar for the appropriate day. To obtain the full information, place the cursor on the heading, double click on the mouse button and you will then be able to read the complete entry.

An automated procedure was also provided, but I was never able to get this routine to work in my environment.

For those of us who spend much of their working day interacting with Outlook, this is a great way of adding a little “Ivritkeit” to your desktop. It should work with any version of Microsoft Outlook, as well as other e-mail/calendar/PIM applications able to handle the iCalendar format.

I was hoping that the calendar for 5768 (2007/8) would have seen the light of day by now. During August 2007, I queried when a new version would become available, and was assured that it would be out for Rosh Hashanah. Sadly, this hasn’t yet happened.

If you’d like to see something similar published for 5768 and beyond, please drop a note to Ahuva Bar-Lev (Liaison, Information and Publications Department, KKL-JNF Jerusalem) at this e-mail address AhuvaB@kkl.org.il and ask about an update. If enough interest is shown, perhaps the next posting in this informal series will be to announce the 5768 calendar.


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