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by Maskil on 31 Mar 2008

I’ve just had another go at adding Altneuland to the blog aggregator site. This is probably about the 4th and final time I’ll attempt to get listed. As on the previous occasions, I was given an acknowledgement saying:

Blog Added Successfully.

Your blog has been submitted successfully. We will process it and publish it if eligible as soon as possible. Thank you.

This is what it says in their FAQ: FAQ

How do I add my Jewish blog or Jewish news service?

It’s very easy to add your Jewish blog or related Jewish news service to – just click on the link at the top of the page that says Add A Blog. Fill in your details and then we will review your submission. We aim to include new blogs within 48 hours of being notified of them. Of course, submitting a blog to does not mean we will include it. If your blog is full of hate for example, then we will not include it.

Based on that, I’m not really sure what’s disqualifying me from making it through the process. Altneuland is not “full of hate”, unless you count my justifiable broadsides against Orthodoxy, and is now included on all other J-Blog aggregator sites.

I see there is a Contact Us page, so that will be my last stop before writing them off. – the home of Jewish blogs, Israeli blogs and all blogs of Jewish interest

The Truth Laid Bear

Also finally got around to querying why my posts as reflected on The Truth Laid Bear are only up to the end of February. I’m sure it has something to do with my Site Meter stuff. (I can’t figure out from the TTLB site whether or not I should include my ID or allow them to detect it. I’ve tried both.) Anyhow, I’ve now logged a formal “support ticket” for the problem.

One last “also finally”. I sent an e-mail message to the Community Administrator (Ezzie of SerandEz) of the J-Blogosphere Jewish blogging community on The Truth Laid Bear, asking for Altneuland to be included there as well.


I was going to say more about documenting the code snippets and widgets for Altneuland, in preparation for implementing a version of the 3-column Garland Theme Blogger Template.

I’ll have to pick this up again tomorrow; my eyes are starting to take strain.

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