More on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Israel

by Maskil on 14 Mar 2008

In January 2008, I posted an item suggesting that the concept of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) might be catching on in Israel. You can read the piece here:

Altneuland: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for Israel?

Judging by this more recent article on the Haaretz website:

Meet your personal farmer at Or-Gani – Haaretz – Israel News

and this and other related items on the marvelous Green Prophet blog, it appears that things might be even more advanced than I realized.

Green Prophet » Blog Archive » Community Supported Agriculture: Organic, Local and Tasty!

Follow the links in the Green Prophet piece for some valuable resources for organic farming and CSA in Israel, including agro/eco-tourism and volunteering in the organic farming space.

Kol Tuv to everyone promoting and of course putting the concept of Community Supported Agriculture into practice in Israel. It was once possible to rely on the Zionist ethos and intuition to underline the importance of agriculture for a viable Jewish existence in Israel. In these times, however, we are going to need movements such as CSA to safeguard this national treasure (Israeli agriculture) from the market and other hostile forces ranged against it. Although the quote below refers to the situation in the US, it is just as relevant to Israel:

Since our existence is primarily dependent on farming, we cannot entrust this essential activity solely to the farming population–just 2% of Americans. As farming becomes more and more remote from the life of the average person, it becomes less and less able to provide us with clean, healthy, lifegiving food or a clean, healthy, lifegiving environment. A small minority of farmers, laden with debt and overburdened with responsibility, cannot possibly meet the needs of all the people. More and more people are coming to recognize this, and they are becoming ready to share agricultural responsibilities with the active farmers.

(Trauger M. Groh and Steven S.H. McFadden, Farms of Tomorrow. Community Supported Farms, Farm Supported Communities. Kimberton, PA: Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association, 1990. p. 6)

Quoted in:

Defining Community Supported Agriculture

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