HAS Search for Israel Community Toolbar

by Maskil on 17 Apr 2008

Until reading this article on the ISRAEL21c website, I had no idea that Conduit.com (who built the Web toolbar for the HAS Search for Israel Community Toolbar initiative) is an Israeli company. (I mentioned the HAS Search for Israel Community Toolbar in a posting in August 2007.)

The Community Toolbar “keeps [you] connected with Israel as [you] browse the web, by providing the latest in news, travel, streaming audio, and more.” The initiative is supported by Heritage Affinity Services (HAS) Advantage (the first Israel supporting credit card).

For every downloaded toolbar, HAS Advantage and the JNF plant a tree in forests devastated by this summer’s war. In addition, for every 180 searches they will plant an additional tree.

Almost 3,000 trees have been planted to date. This sounds to me like a great way to support Israel through the JNF, while going about your day-to-day computing tasks.

My one criticism of the HAS Search for Israel Community Toolbar is that there is no response to suggestions and requests regarding enhancements to the toolbar. I have formally logged a number of requests for changes, e.g. additional sources for Israeli news, but the requests seemingly disappear into electronic purgatory. I would like to help in building some momentum and community around this toolbar, but that requires Heritage Affinity Services and Conduit.com to also play their part.


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