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by Maskil on 23 Apr 2008

(More of me? I’ve classified my sidebar area/widgets under 12 different headings. “More of me” or “Other places you can find me” simply refers to the area where I link to or include content from my other blogs/places where I’m published.)

I’d managed to include widgets for both coComment and Twitter in the sidebars of my Blogspot blogs, but couldn’t find anything out of the box for Tumblr.

I finally came across this article describing how to create a suitable blog widget (Blidgets) on the Widgetbox site. (Widgetbox had come up on my radar before, but as something to look at “when I have more time”.) I followed Rose DesRochers’ concise how-to and the Widgetbox wizards, and in less than 15 minutes had a functional widget on two out of the three blogs.

I did also come across this very elegant looking widget on yourminis, but decided to stick with the Widgetbox offering, simply because I was more familiar with the brand.


How to Embed Tumblr into Blogger by Rose DesRochers – World Outside my Window

Subject: yourminis :: widgets :: Tumblr Widget

Widgetbox Maskil@Tumblr Widget

coComment – My coComment

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Twitter / Maskil


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