Hyplet: Not as easy as I thought it would be

by Maskil on 24 May 2008

I’m always looking for ways to promote Altneuland from my other “digital assets”, and vice versa. When I saw Ellyssa Kroski’s Hyplet on her website, I knew I wanted one. My actual experience with creating a “Blogger’s Box” was not that promising however, and I ended up abandoning the project.

I sent some comments/suggestions (see below) to the site administrators. We’ll have to see if anything comes of it.

I’ve just been through the process of creating a “Blogger’s Box” on Hyplet, and ended up not saving it, as I wasn’t happy with the result. I put down a few comments/suggestions while I was working, and thought you may be interested in considering some of them:

  • Allow details to be captured once and stored in a database, instead of being re-captured each time a Hyplet is created.
  • Allow the stored details to be grouped under “Profiles”, e.g. Personal and Professional, to ensure that only the relevant items are displayed when creating the Hyplet.
  • Provide an easy way for the order of the items included to be changed, i.e. move up or down.
  • Automatically expand or shrink the Hyplet to accommodate the number of items included.
  • Provide an “Align to Grid” option to ensure that all items are properly sized and aligned within the Hyplet; I struggled to get this right manually.
  • Allow all edits to be done from within the Toolbox. I found it a bit confusing to continually switch between editing within the item itself and the Toolbox.

I realize that some of the issues I encountered may have resulted from not being familiar with the product and its interface.

If anyone is aware of an alternative product (or can help me overcome my technical challenges), I’d be glad to hear from you.

To me, this should be a matter of capturing and storing your profile details once, choosing your design, choosing the items to include, making a few final tweaks and publishing…

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