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by Maskil on 27 May 2008

As described in this earlier posting, I’ve been looking for ways to generate internal traffic, i.e. allow visitors to the Home Page or a post page to find more good stuff on the blog (or another blog in my portfolio, for that matter).

This eventually led me to implement the Feedjit Popular Pages Today widget and (earlier) the Lijit Search Wijit that allows you, my esteemed reader, to search across all my content.

I have now implemented the pièce de résistance, the SpringWidgets Maskil Widget, a customisable widget that displays the feeds behind all my content in a single widget. What more could one ask for? Any limitations? Well, a couple:

  • Will readers have the patience to figure out how to access the other feeds from the menu?
  • The widget is restricted to displaying whatever’s on the underlying feed, so only the latest +/-20 items are shown per feed (more for Altneuland because of FeedBurner).

For now, I’ve left the individual feed widgets (for coComment, Tumblr and Twitter) in place, but I’ll take them out (at least on Altneuland) to free up the sidebar real estate in due course.

I’m also starting to investigate what AideRSS can offer in the way of a ranked feed widget. Early days yet, and it looks as if it will need a combined feed.

Hopefully the combined effect of the Feedjit Popular Pages Today widget, Lijit Search Wijit and SpringWidgets Maskil Widget will keep my valuable visitors interested a while longer.

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