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by Maskil on 8 May 2008

Here’s the background. When you land on the Altneuland home page (PLEASE!) or a post page, and you find the blog “sticky” enough to want to read more, where do you go from there? If you landed on the home page, you’ve now read all 9 posts there…

You can go through the Blog Archive. That will default to the posts for the latest month, or you can select any month since I started blogging. Still, how do you know where to find the good stuff? I ended up taking out the categories widget, because it was just using too much room in the sidebar.

So, for a while I’ve been thinking I need a Popular Posts Widget, preferably automated, i.e. I don’t want to have to maintain the list manually (although that has its advantages). Finally today I got around to doing the research. Turns out what I’m looking for – while it seems to be taken for granted in the WordPress environment – is not that easy to find for a Blogger blog. I eventually decided the best route to go would be to implement the Spotplex service. I found a few useful tutorials, only to find when I accessed the site that they’re going offline tomorrow!

I then decided the FEEDJIT Popular Pages Today widget should do the trick. It’s lighting fast to implement (it doesn’t even require you to register on the FEEDJIT site) and has now found a place in the Read Me section of the Altneuland sidebar. I initially did a bit of “pump priming”, by the way, by loading 9 of my most read pages in the browser. This caused them to appear on the list (maximum 10). I would have preferred a widget that looked at my history from inception, but I’ll take what I can get in this case.

Many of you will have seen the FEEDJIT widgets on other blogs, the most popular being the Live traffic feed widget showing details of your visitors with a little national flag next to each. Their widgets include:

  • Live traffic feed
  • Recent Visitors [Click the map to Zoom In]
  • Visitors to this page also liked:
  • Popular Pages Today [LIVE PAGE POPULARITY] (this is the one I’m using)

Let’s hope it makes a bit of difference. I’m still struggling to get to a consistent 10 visitors a day. To rub salt into the wounds, I was reading a post on migrating from WordPress.com to .org. The guy has a temporary blog set up to document an extended stay in London. Picking up between 50 and 100 hits a day. No apparent effort at promotion. In my dreams!

The eBlog Templates site has a magnificent widget with tabs for Popular [Posts], Latest [Posts], Comments and Tags [Categories]. This would be ideal. I’ve left a request on the forum, but I’m not sure whether he’s going to part with the secret or not.

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