The Complete Maskil: AideRSS/SpringWidgets Widget

by Maskil on 29 May 2008

In my last posting, I mentioned that I was starting to look at what AideRSS can offer the blogger. Although “everyone” seems to know about AideRSS, I only found out about it accidentally while prowling around the Lijit site tuning my search widget.

I wasn’t able to get the best posts widget to work for me; there didn’t seem to be a way to change the width of the widget, and Blogger was truncating it on the left, hiding the PostRank.

What I did manage to get working, however, is their SpringWidgets RSS Reader Widget. I didn’t leave it in the default “My Top Stories widget” configuration, as so few of my posts have a PostRank score. Instead, I’ve packaged my various feeds into it and replaced the “Maskil” widget I created a few days back. The functionality is almost identical, but it has a better look & feel, e.g. colours customized for my blog, the AideRSS logo, wider gadget, etc. It now resides on all three blogs.

I’ve given it a title: The Complete Maskil

I also left a comment asking whether it would be possible to include an option allowing the user to subscribe to the feed being viewed from within the widget.

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