Issues with my Lijit Search Wijit

by Maskil on 5 Jun 2008

I can’t recall who should get a hat tip for putting me onto the Lijit Search Wijit; I would have seen it on someone’s blog and bookmarked or e-mailed it to myself for further investigation.

Initially I was totally impressed with the product and everything behind it. Lately, not so much. Here’s why:

Links in weekly updates

Each week, on receipt of my Lijit Weekly Stats e-mail report, I would click on the Go to My Stats page link and marvel at my handful of visitors. Some weeks back, however, the link stopped working. Instead it would open a Windows dialog box and look for an executable file. Like a good Net citizen and product user, I reported the error to Lijit. Instead of the expected “we’ve identified the problem and will fix it before next week’s mailing” reply, I received “one of those” replies suggesting it had to do with my e-mail client and proposing various workarounds. I replied suggesting that this was a general problem with these reports. Once again I was fobbed off. The issue remains unresolved. I wasn’t impressed that a cutting edge Web 2.0/technology company could simply brush off a technical issue like that.

Here’s how the original e-mail link looked:

This is what it looks like now. Can anyone else spot the problem?


Primary blog is not part of My Content

A few days ago, I used the Lijit Search Wijit on my primary blog to search for the post page of something I knew to be there. The expected results didn’t appear on the SERP, however. I queried this with Lijit, who confirmed that the primary blog (listed under Your Blog URL) is NOT included in the search results for My Content. As I’d configured the Wijit to default to searching My Content, that explained it. The confusing thing is, the primary blog is captured and listed under My Content throughout the website and on the Wijit itself. Check your configuration!

I’m still not sure how to work around this whole issue…

Lijit Search Wijit set to defaults

Speaking of Configuration Options, have you checked those for your Search Wijit today? Mine were mysteriously reset to the defaults yesterday! While it shouldn’t be difficult to restore them, this is a concern, especially as I’d only checked them as part of the process of writing this piece.

How I’d like it to work

The four options (My Blog, My Content, My Network and Web) are presumably all mutually exclusive in the Lijit model. I would have preferred that they be treated as concentric circles, with My Blog being at the centre and Web on the perimeter, e.g. searching My Network would also include My Blog and My Content. My Blog should always be the current blog on which the widget is installed, rather than what’s defined in My Content.


I guess the alternatives are:

  • To persevere and attempt to configure or workaround the constraints of the Wijit. (I was thinking of creating a placeholder blog to use as my primary blog, then setting the Default search tab to My Content. That would have the advantage of making the Wijit portable across all my blogs, which is not the case at the moment. Can anyone see any pitfalls with this?)
  • Go back to Google Custom Search Engine (I believe they’ve made a lot of improvements to the user interface)
  • Try out Blogbar. I did evaluate it initially, but Lijit appeared to offer more. The support for Adsense is a plus.

The attitude towards customer service and just plain getting their stuff to work is just such a HUGE contrast to the one I encountered at AideRSS that I can’t help being disappointed.

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