Migrating from e-mail to feeds

by Maskil on 4 Jun 2008

I mentioned in a previous post and a recent Twit that I’m trying to migrate all (or at least most of) my e-mail newsletters to Atom/RSS feeds.

What took me so long? Well, I had this vision of a single (Microsoft Outlook) Inbox with everything going into it (action items, alerts, reading, etc.). That hasn’t worked out in practice; once an e-mail message of the newsletter variety was in my Inbox, I felt obliged to read and absorb every word, not to mention follow every link.

I was feeling totally overwhelmed by my reading, as well as the actual work involved in administering a bulging Reading folder, even with making use of Rules and Alerts.

My vision was of being able to float on the lake of news, and occasionally dip my jug in. Instead, I was standing under the sluice gate!

I’ve now installed NewsGator FeedDemon 2.7 and I’m migrating the e-mail newsletters over to Atom/RSS feeds as and when they come in. Where there’s a choice, I’ve gone with Atom 1.0 rather than RSS 2.0 in line with the piece below regarding the two standards.

My experience with feed readers has been limited to Google Reader and the built in Flock feeds sidebar. I wasn’t enjoying the reader in a browser experience, however, and after reading a couple of reviews, settled on FeedDemon.

So far I’m loving it. My Inbox now contains only action items, alerts, etc., along with those newsletters where no feed alternative exists. I can skim through my feed items looking for good stuff, and I don’t feel guilty for marking all my items as read when I just don’t have time.

Now I just need to make sure I don’t end up subscribing to too many feeds…


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