ScribeFire: Become a more prolific blogger

by Maskil on 23 Jun 2008

I’m always on the lookout for tools, techniques and utilities that could help me to become a better blogger. In my case, one of my biggest needs is to become a more prolific blogger (not to mention a more profitable one). I always seem to have other commitments keeping me from my blogging, I spend too much time crafting individual blog posts, and I haven’t perfected my blogging "workflow". There are too many steps in my process of getting from "Ooh, I must blog about that" to a post ready to be published.

To that end, I’ve just started working with a marvelous product called ScribeFire. It’s by no means perfect, but its biggest advantage is that it removes all the intermediate steps between deciding to blog about a site, page, article, news item, etc., and actually firing up your editor and drafting the post.

It achieves this by working as a Mozilla Firefox Add-on. It’s not available for other browsers; face it, if you’re still using IE, you’re not serious about the Web.

I’ve encountered a few glitches, which I’ve documented below. The most annoying issue (to me) is the lack of support for what I’ve always thought to be the standard Windows cursor movement shortcut keys. Apart from that shortcoming, I have no major gripes. What impresses me is that it provides an amazing amount of functionality as a browser add-on, using only a couple of hundred Kb’s of code.

I haven’t found the spell check function yet (if one exists), so I’m still trying to work around that. Hint: don’t try to use the Google Toolbar SpellCheck functionality. It will trash the formatting of your post.

Here’s the links to my bug reports:

  1. Support for additional Windows keyboard shortcuts
  2. Modify Timestamp doesn’t support Blogger’s equivalent
  3. Technorati tags can’t be updated

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