Backing up your Blogger blog: The field gets more crowded

by Maskil on 29 Jul 2008

Having made a number of changes to my blogs in the last couple of weeks, I thought I’d do a quick survey of what services and utilities are out there to help you back up your Blogger/Blogspot blog. Many of the products, of course, handle other blogging platforms apart from Blogger.

The situation is certainly a whole lot healthier than it was just a year or so ago, when Google published this nightmarish scenario for backing up your Blogger blog.

The help article began with the following instructions:

Blogger does not have an export or download function. However, you can use the following instructions to create a single file with all your posts which you may publish and then copy to your own computer for use as desired.

The good ol’ days?

Let’s start with what I use to backup my own blogs.

I signed up for BlogBackupOnline when the service was still in Beta. This is a “set and forget” service, with automatically scheduled backups taking place daily. The backups are of an incremental nature, so the backup process is very quick after the first full backup. It appears to save the versions of posts edited after being published.

This (or a similar) service should probably be your first – but not your only – line of backup defence.

I have to admit that I have never attempted to restore an entry or an entire blog from BlogBackupOnline. I will address that shortly. Please note that you can export but not restore a blog using a FREEMIUM account!

I’ve reviewed BlogBackupOnline in more detail elsewhere.

An alternative to BlogBackupOnline now exists in the form of BlogBackupr. I haven’t evaluated the product, however.

Your second line of blog backup defence should be a utility that allows you to back up your content (at least your posts and comments) to a local hard disk drive. The most popular and highly rated utility in this space appears to be Blogger Backup.

This post on the Clear Blue Dei blog contains step by step instruction for taking a backup using Blogger Backup.

Alternatively, you may want to try out Blogger in Draft’s new Import and Export feature (found under Settings/Basic/Blog Tools – Import/Export/Delete blog).

I used it with trepidation when splitting my catchall blog into two separate blogs just recently. It works flawlessly.

There’s no client software, so you can’t automate the backup process. You’ll need to initiate your backups manually for each Blogger blog you own. It may be worth scheduling some time in your calendar for this discipline, perhaps weekly. More frequently if you’re a prolific blogger.

The BlogCollector product received somewhat mixed reviews in the feedback I came across, but it appears to have a variety of uses! BlogCollector Lite is free, but has limitations. BlogCollector Standard and BlogCollector Professional versions are also available, with a somewhat heftier price tag.

Amanda at Blogger Buster covered a product I hadn’t seen mentioned elsewhere, called Blog2Blog. While it appears to be positioned more as a utility to migrate between blogging platforms, backup and restore is inherently a part of that.

Further information from its creator (Paul Cooley) and the link to download it is here.

This recent (but already slightly dated) post outlines 10 (actually 9) ways to backup/restore from/to Blogger, including several mentioned above. Check out the products listed if what I’ve outlined above doesn’t meet your backup needs.

Please drop me a line if I’ve missed anything of significance.


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