MedUAV concept project: when can we have it?

by Maskil on 3 Jul 2008


The Fisher Institute for Air & Space Strategic Studies website carried an item regarding their MedUAV concept project, which “was selected as one of 60 best technology projects presenting at the “Facing Tomorrow” exhibition, part of the Israel Presidential Conference 2008.”

The specifications for MedUAV concept project are enough to make devotees of gadgets, military and rescue and recovery hardware drool:

  • Hybrid medical re-supply and casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) vehicle
  • Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) capabilities
  • Unpiloted aerial vehicle (UAV), for civilian or military, urban, (rural?) or sea scenarios
  • Recover incapacitated, wounded or deceased military personnel or civilians, including those exposed to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive (CBRNE) hazards
  • Hover lift at zero airspeed
  • Cruise at up to 150 knots, with a ceiling of 10,000 feet
  • Convey up to 4 patients with full gear for a duration of 3 hours
  • Both active and passive defence measures

According to the article, two alternative streams of technology approaches are being considered:

The first one is a Medical Rotary UAV option – to convert a current operational military MedEvac Helicopter, tested and registered … for dual use. It will maintain the ability [to] fly by wire with flight crew on board and on the same vehicle an option to fly safely autonomously as a VTOL UAV, [led] by the IAI (

The second technology option is to design an [innovative] aerial vehicle concept for a Med VTOL UAV. The proposed design is a turbine powered VTOL vehicle, based on two ducted lift fans, contained inside the vehicle’s fuselage, [led] by Urban Aeronautics (

No indication is given as to when the MedUAV concept project will see the light of day, nor whether there is any interest or commitment from the IDF in the revolutionary concept.

The article points out the difference having such a capability could have made during the 1st Hezbollah War of 2006.

The Fisher Institute For Air And Space Strategic Studies

IAF Center Foundation: Highlights of Activities and Developments in 2008

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