My Blogger Wishlist

by Maskil on 1 Jul 2008

Having used Blogger for almost a year, I’ve developed something of a wishlist of new features or enhancements I’d like to see in the product. I have entered the items individually on the “Features and Suggestions” page. 
The “Features and Suggestions” page also asks: 
Do you have a suggestion that doesn’t fit into the categories above? Or would you like to give us more details? Post your ideas in the Blogger Help Group. 
It does not, however, specify which of the Discussions to post such suggestions in, so I’ve created a new topic in “Something Is Broken”. 
Here’s my wishlist.
  • Cleanup of the Blogger namespace. Archive blogs not updated for x months/years and make the Blogspot address available for re-use.
  • Provide a Blogger Template SDK or programmer guidelines, with testing and certification for 3rd-party templates. With some notable exceptions, 3rd-party templates tend to be of dubious quality.
  • Offer a range of 3-column templates, in addition to the existing 2-column layouts. As far as I’m aware, no new templates have been offered since Beta Blogger went Live.
  • Support for Tabs or Pages, e.g. Home, About, Links, Resources, etc. I’ve seen this referred to as the “Blogsite” paradigm.
  • Support for a Read More/Continued feature, i.e. show only partial posts on the Home Page, click to continue reading on the item’s Post Page. Allows more items to be displayed on the Home Page, while giving a much better idea of which posts are being read.
  • Blogger page elements (widgets) to have a Display Title Y/N indicator or radio button to indicate whether the widget title should be displayed on the blog or not. Titles always displayed when editing the page layout. In many cases, I don’t want the widget’s title displayed on the blog, but having it would make things easier when rearranging the page.
  • Support for footnotes or references. For feature posts with lots of external links.
  • Optionally force widgets to take on the blog’s colour scheme. Help preserve a uniform “look and feel” for the site.
  • A widget to act as a separator between groups of items in the sidebar. Basically a text widget, but with a Title field only.
I also captured the following afterthoughts:
  • A free Google Apps account is created when purchasing a domain name through Google. Offer the same benefit when transferring an existing domain name to eNom.
  • While we’re on the subject, how about providing a better way to submit new feature or enhancement requests? The Help Groups for many (if not most) Google products include a section specifically for enhancement requests. Why nothing like that for Blogger?

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