The Blogspot namespace and splogs

by Maskil on 17 Jul 2008

Has someone found a way to harvest orphaned blog names in the Blogger/Blogspot namespace? It kind of looks that way…

I originally intended to call my catchall blog “Scrivener”. That name, of course, had already been taken in the Blogspot namespace, so I eventually settled on j-scrivener. That eventually changed to birkenreis, and in the process the name j-scrivener was abandoned, orphaned.

The URL was still in my Google Reader subscriptions, however, and I was very surprised to see a garbled posting from the blog appear in my reader a few days ago.

Looking more closely at the posting, it appears to be filled with keywords, while all the links on the blog are to sites one would probably associate with spam.

My guess is that someone has found a way to identify and harvest these abandoned or orphaned blog names and then set up splogs (spam blogs). I guess, having been used in the past, these second-hand blog names have slightly more “Google Juice” than brand new ones.

I did flag the blog, and also reported it to Google as an abuse of their terms of service, but it’s still up. I only hope I’m not still associated with it in some way!

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