A quick Thank-You to FreeMe

by Maskil on 25 Aug 2008

She who must be obeyed (hereinafter referred to as She) has turned our ornamental front garden into an all-hours diner for the local birdlife (pictures to follow).

The last few days we’ve been anxiously watching one particular fluffy baby Loerie, who appeared to be taking a bit of strain. When She went out this morning, the Loerie was lying frozen, giving every appearance of being dead.

The Loerie was duly bundled in our best shabby towels and placed in a crate in front of the heater, with a fresh Woolworths banana for sustenance. She left for work at her usual ungodly hour, so it was up to yours truly to get Loerie to The Rescuers, in our case the FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

After dropping The Precious One off at school I clawed my way through the rush-hour traffic and managed to find the FreeMe grounds easily enough (although a couple more signs at the intersections wouldn’t have gone amiss).

Unlike any private or public hospital for people here in JAFAS (Just Another Failed African State), the volunteers at FreeMe swept the patient away to The Hotbox before I’d even started filling in the form.

I didn’t have a cent on me, and they don’t have a credit card facility, so I couldn’t make a donation then and there. We’ve agreed that we must take The Precious One there to see their visitors’ centre and will let her hand over our modest donation then.

Thanks guys! Even if the baby doesn’t make it, at least we’ll know he/she had a fighting chance.

You can visit FreeMe on their marvellous website here. Donations are accepted online.

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