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by Maskil on 14 Aug 2008

I’ve made the following changes relating to the Associates Program banners on my blogs:

  • A header banner for their special campaigns, promotions and offers. At the moment I’m displaying the current College Supplies 101 and Back to School banners.
  • I’ve removed the Search Box from the Support me (e-commerce) block, and just left the Omakase gadget in the sidebar, to cut down on sidebar real estate usage.
  • Under My causes, there is now a small box to promote the new Amazon Green cross-category program.
  • A banner in the footer for their new Page Recommender Widget. I have high hopes for this one. Not only does it provide personalized product recommendations (similar to Omakase), but it also gives visitors a short list of recommended pages (hence the name). It’s obviously going to take a while to build up the necessary history, but it should prove worthwhile in the longer term.
  • Lastly, I will be including the Product Previews code on any posts that include Product Links as part of the text. I’ll try to use Product Link images rather than text, as I think they may be more effective.

I thought I may be overdoing it a bit, but it all looks quite discreet and not at all intrusive.

I also posted the following suggestion on their Program Feedback page:

Links and banners for Associates specials

I’ve noticed that the Associates Program has been pretty busy of late with various “specials”, each campaign having its own links and banners.

I was just wondering whether it wouldn’t be possible to have a generic set of special promotion/campaign links/banners that could be included on associates’ blogs/sites. All current special promotions/campaigns could then be run at random or in rotation, using the same link or widget code. Associates would not have to change their links/banners each time a new promotion is being run.

The links/banners relating to specific campaigns/promotions could still be made available for those who prefer to have more control over their affiliate ads.

To me, this makes sense for any Associate wanting to participate in their latest promotion, whatever it may be.

I haven’t included any links, as most of the links would be to the Associates Central extranet. The pages presumably would only be visible to other Associates.

Your turn now, please buy something! Associates: The web’s most popular and successful Affiliate Program

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